Bengala de rosa

To all she proposed vengeance for the death of their leader and his followers-to all she recommended confidence in God and Our Lady of the Garde Doloureuse; and she ventured to assure all, of the strong and victorious bands that were already in march to their relief. Will the gallant champions of the cross, she said, think of leaving their native land, while the wail of women and of orphans is in their ears?-it were to convert their pious purpose into mortal sin, and to derogate from the high fame bengala de rosa have so well won. Yes-fight but valiantly, and perhaps, before the very sun that is now slowly rising shall sink bengala de rosa the sea, you will see it shining on the ranks of Shrewsbury and Chester. When did the Welshmen wait to hear the clangour of their trumpets, or the rustling of their silken banners. Fight bravely-fight bengala de rosa but awhile!-our castle is strong-our munition ample-your hearts are good-your arms are powerful-God is nigh to us, and our friends are not far distant.
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